Is Video Checkout For Me?

Video Checkout is for anyone that sells product or runs campaigns to receive donations. If you’re utilizing your social media presence, Video Checkout allows you to take that presence and convert followers into customers and donors. Basically, if you currently sell product or receive donations – Video Checkout is for you.

With Video Checkout, you can sell directly your audience where they are at – your website. Your favorite social media platform. 

Simple Setup
Once you create your account with Video Checkout, you’re on your way to start selling within minutes.

In fact, here's you can login and post your first video to your Facebook page – in just a few minute!


Security – We Take It Pretty Seriously
Working in the payment processing industry for over a decade, we’ve learned that there is nothing more valuable than taking security seriously.

All credit card information is processed with PCI Compliance at top of mind. We would never but you or your customer at risk.

What Can I NOT Sell on Video Checkout?
While we can accept a wide variety of products, there are some limitations to what we can and cannot accept. At this time, Video Checkout is not able to accept the following business categories:

Adult Entertainment
Multi-Level Marketing

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