Adding Items to Your Inventory

Let's start with the simple question: "What is an item?" Within the Video Checkout platform, you can add items to your inventory. An item can be a product, an initiative to raise funds or collect donations, or a lead capture focus.

When you add new items to your inventory, you will be asked to designate it as product, donation or lead. Each option will require the basics: name, title, and description. A product will also require price - which does not include shipping and tax. For donation campaigns, donation amounts will be selected during the video creation process. So hang tight! 


For those running retail campaigns, we allow for product variables so that you can multiple SKUs. You can have a max of 2 variables with unlimited attributes. Once you add variables, you can also configure those variables to update quantities and details for each variation.

The final element of an item is the image. You should use a square image, roughly 300 x 300 pixels, displaying your featured product or a logo for your cause/campaign. Don't worry if you are unable to create a perfectly square image. We will scale it accordingly. 

When you are ready to add the item or donation, click "save."

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