General Account Settings

The account settings area is created for you to update basic details about your account. We know...quite the revolutionary concept!

User Settings
This will cover the basic information about you and your company. Nothing too crazy. There are 3 fields that we want to highlight:

Campaign Type - We currently allow for three options

  • Retail: This indicates that your company sells physical goods
  • Fundraising: This option is created for non-profits and charitable organizations focused on fundraising
  • Lead Gen: This option is available for users that have subscribed to our lead gen product

We will use the "Retail" business type as your default setting when you create new video campaigns, unless changed.

Email – In addition to logging in with your email, you will use this email to receive notifications on purchases and donations. Choose wisely! 


Email Reply Settings

We have an automated email that is sent whenever a transaction occurs through your video. There are two template options - one designed towards purchases / donations and one for leads.

The "From Name" is the name seen by recipients and "Subject" will display in the email subject line. We encourage you to upload a logo to display in the email header. We recommend using a 600 pixel by 200 pixel image.

Finally, the "Main Content" for a receipt will live within the predefined receipt design (shown below).

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