Analytics Overview

Analytics are a great way to see how your videos are performing out in the wild. Fortunately, we provide you with everything you need to track success.

Let's break down what everything indicates.

Views: The total number of views for all of your videos over selected time.

Revenue: The total revenue made within the select timeframe.

Video: The video associated with the corresponding analytics.

Action: The overlay action that is associated with the video.

Host: The referral domain from where the video was viewed.

Action Views: The number of times your overlay action was viewed - so not necessarily a video view. Remember, fundraising-based video campaigns on Facebook do not have overlays or a cart, so you generally do not see any stats for those campaigns.

Action Clicks: The number of times your overlay was clicked.

Removed From Cart: The number of items that were removed from a user's cart.

Ordered: The number of transactions made, either sale or donation

Abandoned Cart: The number of times items were left in a cart.

Video View Percentage: The number of views per each video percentage bucket. In the above example, 36 views made it through 25% of the video, 54 views made it through 25-50% of the video, 106 views made it through 50-75% of the video, and 625 views made it through at least 75% of the video.

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