Posting & Marketing Your Video

Once you have your interactive video ready, it’s time to share it with the world. We provide you the ability to share your video across multiple channels and reach a wide audience. That being said, Video Checkout is currently focused primarily on Facebook so we definitely recommend that you share to Facebook.

Our videos will also play within the Facebook feed, allowing your audience to transact while staying within their social network. Pretty cool stuff, huh!

Just hover over the video and click "Share."

This will bring up a Facebook share window. Choose where you want to share the video (personal profile, business page) by choosing from the dropdown menu.

You also need to write some messaging. We suggest taking that opportunity to build a lead-in to the video, discussing why someone should watch, and letting them know about the video interaction ("Watch and purchase directly in the video experience.").

You can also embed your video on a website/blog or share on other social media channels.

Hover over the video and click "Embed."

You will be prompted with a few options. First, you can grab the embed code and put it on your web properties. Feel free to adjust the size to your liking.

We also provide you with a URL for social sharing, and to use with sites integrated with 

Share and engage with the world!

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