Creating Interactive Video

Now for the fun part - creating an interactive video!

The following assumes that you have already uploaded a video and added an item. Basically, you're ready to rock and roll. 

Head over to your video editing area by finding the relevant video tile and clicking "edit." 

Once you click "edit," your inventory items and selected video will be displayed on a new screen. We pre-select the inventory dropdown to be either Product or Donation, based on what you have selected as your default campaign type in the Account Settings. We do this because products need to be associated with a product video and donations must be associated with a fundraising campaign.

So let’s get started.

Drag a selected item on the video. This will create an overlay. You will be prompted to add the following:

  • Call to Action
  • Overlay Start Time
  • Overlay End Time
  • Transition Style
  • Transparency
  • Button Color

Tip: You can have multiple items within the video. You would just drag and drop another item onto the video, which will create a new action.

*Within Facebook, these overlays do not appear as there is no action needed for the viewer to bring up the interactive form

Now that you have the video overlays ready to go, the final addition is the Campaign and Form Settings, especially for Fundraising and Lead Gen campaigns.

Fundraising: Make sure you select the 4 donation amounts that will be shown to potential donors. Also as a default, we will display a custom field where the donor can input their own amount.

Below are examples of what retail and fundraising videos will look like on Facebook:


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